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SOLAS - Verified Gross Mass (VGM)

Dear Valued DGF Customer,

Effective July 1st 2016, every packed container is required to have a verified Gross Mass (VGM) as a condition of loading aboard a vessel. This requirement helps to ensure the safety of the ship, the safety of workers both aboard ships and ashore, the safety of cargo, and overall safety at sea.

The shipper will be responsible for the verification of the gross mass of a packed container and stating the verified gross mass in the shipping document.

We have created the below methods for submittng the VGM details to us:

  1. SOLAS VGM submission form.
  2. Our customers can use this form to complete with VGM details and submit to us. Please download the form, complete with VGM details and submit to your local DHL representative, before the VGM cut off date.

  3. INTTRA VGM tool
  4. Our customers can use the INTTRA VGM tool to key in their VGM details and submit them to carrier: DHL Global Forwarding (as NVOCC). Please advise your local DHL representative that you will submit your VGM's using this method going forward, and ensure you submit before the VGM cut off date. Note to DHL rep: Global OFR needs to be notified of all initiatives with INTTRA

Download VGM Form: Download
Submit VGM using INTTRA, go to: